Boredom in recovery

Emotional immaturity is common is early recovery and for some folks, even with long-term sobriety. Growing up remains optional. I’m not talking about being a “grown-up” or even “adulting.” Emotional maturity is about becoming the person you most want to be – a person who can manage responsibilities, maintain a healthy perspective, and who understands […]

Governor Mills: Telehealth needs to be permanent

Governor Mills, Thank you for expanding Maine Care to cover telehealth services during this pandemic. I urge you to work toward making this a permanent arrangement. Telehealth is advantageous to healthcare patients and professionals alike. It reduces costs and time spent traveling to appointments. It removes transportation and child care barriers. It expands access to […]

The hardest working moms

There are few things I claim as absolute truths. Here is one: nobody works harder than good single mothers. I’d be happy to debate that with you right after you spend a week in their shoes. I respect the resilience and determination of single moms. They are the hardest working, most loyal, and most generous […]